Capturer et regarder une photo 3D dans votre Homido (IOS/ANDROID)

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Photo 3D

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  1. Shooting

 2015-03-25 08.43.04

Press on the camera icon.


2015-03-24 15.26.20

Take the first photo while ensuring that the line showing the horizon stays green.


2015-03-24 15.26.30

Once taken, the first photo will appear in transparency in the second shot. Move your smartphone a couple of centimeters to the right, all while keeping the horizontal line in the green. Properly place the first photo on the zone that you wish to focus on, then validate.



  1. Saving and Viewing
    1. -Saving


2015-03-25 08.42.52

Before saving your photo, it is necessary to use the right viewing mode. To do so, press on the « Stereo » icon, then select the « Cross » mode. The application will register this parameter for later use.


2015-03-25 08.43.11

You can now save your photo by pressing on the « Menu » icon, then « Save. »


  1. -Viewing


2015-03-25 08.43.04

All that is left for you to do is to press on the « Slideshow » icon and put your smartphone in your Homido. The duration of the projection is three seconds by default but perhaps modified in the menu.