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To "stream" a Windows game, several solutions are available:

  • today a new application presents itself and it has the advantage of being compatible IOS.Here's how to use it.

  • 1- Installing software "Server" on the host computer.

  • Visit kinovr.kinoni.com  then download and install "  KinoVR drivers for PC "




2- Installing "Client" software on the smartphone.

Visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download and install the appropriate version for your configuration.


3- Server Setup.

Now that the two software is installed, open the software "Kinoni Remote Desktop"



The "Connection" tab allows you to:

  • verify that the application is up to date
  • provide a password, useful if you want to "stream" through a remote connection, no need for a local streaming.
  • Get the name of your server as well as its external IP address.
  • Authenticate with a Google account, essential for remote streaming, dispensable for local streaming.


Quick launch

The tab "Quick launch" allows scanner compatible games installed on the host computer. At first launch, the application will offer you to perform this scan later, click "Scan Installed Games" to add new games automatically or "Browse" to add manually.



The "Advanced" tab allows you to:

  • Select the output sound card and possibly disable the audio on the host computer.
  • Select the type of emulation controller from three options, permanently activated (can cause problems when a real controller is connected), activated when a client is connected (recommended if you have a joystick connected to the PC Host) disabled.
  • Stop or restart the Windows service Kinoni

VR settings

The "VR settings" tab to:

  • Specifying axes and sensitivity of mouse movement. Pitch corresponds to the X axis, the roll (roll) can not be used on two axes, the Yaw corresponds to the axis Y.
  • use the "OpenTrack" protocol for motion capture requires compatible hardware
  • Enable or disable the cursor acceleration, motion capture is more effective if the acceleration is disabled
  • adjusting the pupillary distance (IPD), this option changes the spacing of thumbnails on the smartphone
  • Enable stereo mode, this option must be checked for games not working in default side by side. The stereo does not offer true 3D, both images will be exactly the same, to use a real 3D Off and launch your game with 3D Tridef

4- application launch on smartphone.

Launch the Console application Kino, then press the  wrench to open the setup.



  • If you have a Google Account and want to use the streaming with a remote connection, select "Log In".
  • In "Virtual Reality", select Enabled.
  • Picture distance corresponds to your pupillary distance
  • Stretch should be checked if your game is natively side by side or if you use Tridef, otherwise do not select this option.

You can go back and start your game by pressing its case.


It's over you can take your controller, insert your smartphone in your virtual reality headset and enjoy your Windows games.

Motion capture the Y axis is not particularly stable at present, this small inconvenience will probably be quickly corrected in a future update.


Difficulties  to implement this tutorial? please visit vrstream.fr for help.

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