Take your own 3D pictures and send them to us!

The best ones will be published in the Homido Center app (Android & iOS) signed with your name.


Send us your 3D pictures

By email to info@homido.com  with your name and a short description  (2 or 3 words)

The best ones will be published in the Homido app (iOS and Android)


Homido compatible 3D pictures

 This is how a Homido headset compatible 3D picture should look like. It’s in « side by side » format :

3pic to change

 To watch the picture, open this link with your smartphone’s internet browser, insert your smartphone in the Homido headset, adjust the lenses with the upper wheel.

Make your own 3D pics

 How does it work ? very simple, just follow the instructions and send us your pictures:


 To take a 3D picutre, you just need to download from your smartphone a free app such as i3DSteroid (Android / iOS)

pict Casque VR photo 3D

Need help ? A detailled tutorial is available