Off to a good start with your Homido


Did you just get your Homido?

Here is how to quickly step into virtual reality:

Inside the package you will find:

  • - A protective case
  • - A pouch containing several soft cones 
  • - A holding strap 
  • - A manual
  • - Your new Homido headset

  1. 1) Download Homido Center.
  • Choose from between two ways:
    • -By entering these addresses into your web browser
    • for your Iphone or
    • for your Android smartphone
    • -By scanning the QR code on the box your Homido came in:
    • QR codes Homido center

2) Install a virtual reality application from Homido Center

 double homido center



  1. 3) Insert your smartphone into the headset, aligned horizontally


DSC_168 double

Strictly speaking, there is no single correct way, the most appropriate being that which suits you best.


  • - It is better to use one hand to push aside the support clamp, without forcing, while you position the smartphone with the other hand.
  • - Once the smartphone is in place, make sure that it is perfectly centered with respect to the nose gap.

4) Make sure that your phone is properly centered:


Ensure that the boundary between the left and right images aligns perfectly with the upper vertex of triangle formed by the place intended for the nose.

This is crucial, a bad alignment will prevent you from properly adapting to the two images.


  1. 5) Use the upper adjustment wheel (center)

ipd 1

Does the image look doubled or does it make you cross-eyed? Put your VR headset on and turn the adjustment wheel situated on top so as to obtain a perfectly sharp image. A good adjustment will allow you to see both the foreground and the background, without feeling cross-eyed or becoming tired.

Does the image not look perfectly sharp to you? You may also swap the conical lens in order to fit your Homido to your vision. Find out how to perform that task in the advanced starter manual.


  1. 6) Have fun!!!