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The best ones will be published in the Homido Center app (Android & iOS) signed with your name.


Send us your best contents, we'll publish them!

Send an email to with:

- your name

- a title for the content (2 or 3 words)

- the link to your content (or the picture itself in the case of 3D pics)

The best ones will be published in the Homido app (iOS and Android)

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360°pictures and videos

The Homido headset is great to enjoy 360° spherical contents. It gives you a chance to teleport yourself anywhere you've ever dreamed of going.

Walk on Mars, on the summit of the mount Everest, visit the pyramids of Egypt and take a ride on Toronto's subway within five minutes. That's what we offer!

Send us your favourite 360 contents, and we'll share them with everyone in the Homido Center.


360 vids 360pic


3D/POV pictures and videos

The Did you know that you can watch 3D movies in your Homido headset?

Or that you can even with any smartphone take a 3D picture in a matter of seconds ant watch it in the headset with a breath-taking 3D pop up effect? 

Homido is also great to enjoy POV (point of view) videos, such as the insane GoPro videos that allow you to experience extreme sports in total immersion.

Send us your favourite 3D and POV contents, and we'll publish them in the Homido Center.


3D pics 3D pov


More information about the kinds of contents you can send us:

- 360° pictures: i.e. web hosted, Homido compatible pics such as on 360cities

- 360° videosi.e. a 360°video hosted on the web

- 3D/POV videos: i.e. a 3D video (side by side format), or POV (2D content, side by side not required)

- 3D pics: detailed explanations 

*Before sending us anything, please make sure this is your own content, or that you've got an authorisation from the owner